A Historical View Of Ireland

People who think historical trips are dry and boring will definitely change their opinion once they make a historical trip to Ireland. It is a beautiful island, rich in cultural and historical background. Ireland was colonized during the early period of Ice Age. If you can visit the historical places of the island, you will get to know how rich and admirable it is.

The Great Passage Graves is one of the dramatic historical remains of the island. The grave comprises of plenty of engravings made of stone cutouts. During the initial times of colonization, the maximum lifespan was not more than 33 years. The development happened very slowly, yet stubbornly.

Top Five Historical Sights of the Island

lake view

Rock of Cashel, County Tipperary - The Cashel has rock only in its name and not in real. Tourists who visited the island in earlier misconceived that it is the rock. It is actually a fortress in 4th century, built based on medieval structure. The Cashel has four edifices, which are the round tower, the Hall of the Vicars Choral, the Connac's Chapel and the Cathedral. Way before Normans invaded the island, the Cashel was the seat for the Kings of Munster. The building existed during the 13th century period.

Skellig Michael - The Skellig Michael is situated at the County Kerry, which is a steep and rocky island. The beautiful and most admirable place is in present in the Atlantic Ocean. It is one of the most preserved and safeguarded sites during the early periods. In 1996, this historical site won a place in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is a most memorable monastery of the entire Europe nation, but the only, yet major drawback of this place is it poor accessibility. One cannot reach this place easily. But, histories are treated well, only if it is hard to reach.

Hill of Tara - The hill is so enormous and splendid. It stands 500 feet tall and gives a gigantic look to its visitors. The entire County of Meath gets a magnificent look by the view seen from the Hill of Tara. This religious site is the seat of all the kings during early periods. The Mound of Hostage is one of the popular monuments of the hill.

Ceide Fields - The Ceide Fields in Mayo County holds the pride of the being the oldest historical spot of Ireland. It dates back to 5000 BC and it is rich in historical and cultural background. You must have heard and admired about the Neolithic features, which are the main feature of the Ceide Fields. The field system was initially found under the dense marsh. History is believed to be that a school teacher was cutting the bushes and marsh for some of the school assignment and it was when the Ceide Fields where found. Till then, monuments, tombs and living houses were covering the fields.

Jerpoint Abbey - It is present in the County Kilkenny, which is better known as Cistercian Abbey. The sculptured Cloister arcade and the wonderful in depth carvings are the most famous attraction points of Jerpoint Abbey.