Cannabis Oil vs CBD Hemp Oil – What is healthier for the Irish?

Back in 1997, one of the Canadian medical centers, Rick Simson, decided to try using psychoactive hemp to alleviate the intolerable paroxysmal headaches that haunted him after a serious accident. Rick was pleasantly surprised by the effect – the pain was almost stopped, the overall well-being improved significantly.

He decided to study the healing properties of Cannabis in more detail, attending special lectures at the university and also studying a lot of scientific literature. Especially Rika was interested in the research of Spanish and American scientists devoted to the fight against cancer, where, based on the profile experiments, it was stated that high doses of tetrahydrocannabinol (TGC) are able not only to stop the development of a malignant tumor but also completely cure cancer.

Digging into the pharmaceutical literature, the Canadian discovered old recipes for extracts – cannabis oil, which at the beginning of the century was freely sold in pharmacies as an anesthetic, soothing and restorative.

While there are many claims that the so-called CBD or Hemp Oil is healthy for you, we know for a fact that Rick Simpson oil is the better choice.

When he discovered the malignant neoplasm of the prostate gland, Rick, after abandoning the chemotherapy that was killing him, decided to treat only cannabis oil. Within a month the tumor decreased, and after three months the doctors noted with surprise the fact – the tumor disappeared.

Encouraged by the result, he continued to study the anti-cancer properties of THC and experiments with oil, creating long-term experiments with a whole system of cancer therapy. Acknowledgment of the effectiveness of cancer treatment using the Simpson method is Rick’s thousands of medical reports and letters of thanks from people, using cannabis oil to overcome not only various forms of cancer, but also other difficult to treat traditional diseases such as diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and psoriasis.

Here is what Mr. Simpson himself says about his oil: “Based on my experience, I can confidently say that oil can cure many previously practically incurable diseases and psychological conditions. In addition, oil is harmless due to its natural nature. After all, even thousands of people die every year from aspirin in the world, so if you are looking for a safe drug, your choice is hemp.

This super effective medicine you can grow and do yourself, and there is no need to visit a doctor, so that he wrote you another recipe for herbal medicine chemistry. Cannabis is a genuine folk remedy, and no one has the right to control its use same goes for CBD oil.

It is the general availability, universality, and effectiveness of this medicine that are the main reasons for the prohibitive policy of the authorities taking decisions in favor of various near-medical corporations. Think about the losses incurred by the firms and clinics that produce and use all these expensive chemotherapy drugs, radiological equipment, and radioactive isotopes to treat cancer, and in fact, slowly killing people.

Even independent medical studies recognize that the survival rate of patients after chemotherapy and radiation therapy is 2-5 percent, people are no longer affected by cancer, but from the general weakening of the immune system and poisoning of the body, the side effects caused by the application of these methods of traditional medicine. This is not an excuse to turn into an absolutely safe alternative, besides having no side effects.

As I, and other people cured with oil and continuing to take it in prophylactic doses, noticed another of its properties – a rejuvenating effect. They feel 20 years younger, taking oil only 3 – 4 months, and already claim that they finally found the elixir of eternal youth. THC in large doses enhances the regeneration of cells, constantly updating all vital organs. It is possible that taking oil for a long time can reverse the aging process.

The safety of the oil makes it possible to use it (in small doses) to treat children with cancer and the letters I received from grateful parents are proof of that.

After all, the vast majority of drugs – this is chemistry, part of a huge machine for squeezing money. Preparations from hemp, and, in particular, oil, can replace most of them! Oil continues to work miracles, despite the skeptical exclamations of any prohibitionists. ”

Now let us dwell in more detail on the method of treatment of Rick Simpson’s oil and its preparation.